Enrollment Information

If you are a young musician in grades 1-12 looking for a great orchestral experience, consider auditioning for YPCO!

YPCO has two wonderful programs for you to choose from:

The Chamber Orchestra (grades1-8) meets every Saturday from 10:00 am to 12:00. As a teaching orchestra, we focus on developing our members’ musical skills and abilities to work as a team. In the fall and winter sets we also offer an optional one hour chamber music component.

The Advanced Ensemble (grades 9-12) meets on Monday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30. It provides high school string players an opportunity to continue to explore the chamber and orchestral repertoire. This group continues to fulfill YPCO’s mission of providing student musicians a high caliber experience, under expert leadership, in an intimate and comfortable setting. A high level of musicianship is expected.

Rehearsal Visit

YPCO is a learning orchestra and does not engage in an intense audition process. We encourage young musicians to visit a rehearsal and join with us to see if YPCO is a fit for them. If the musician thinks that YPCO is a good match, then we encourage them to register and join us.

Come Audition Us!

Try us once, join us for the season.

We host these informal rehearsal visits throughout the year. For further information or to arrange for a visit, please email manager@ypco.org or Request a Rehearsal Visit.